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 As we approach the holiday of Pesach, we think of all the laws and customs associated with the holiday.  
There is an exact amount of Matzah and Marror that one must eat at the Seder. There is also a timeframe to finish eating it.  There is a time to finish the Seder by.  There is an exact time to finish eating Chometz and to rid your chometz on erev Pesach. 
    Pesach is full of exactness and preciseness.  This stems from the miracle of Pesach.  The miracle occurred at an exact time, precisely at midnight and the Jews leaving Egypt precisely at mid-day.
Another example Pesach must take place in the springtime. Therefore we add an extra month every few years (including this year) to ensure this.
    In this Chabadnik, we share with you customs and Mitzvohs of Pesach, blessings for the holiday candles, our schedule of Holiday services and more!  To help you celebrate Pesach precisely as Hashem commanded.
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    The Pesach miracle with its two aspects of night and day represent the epitome of darkness and the epitome of light.  This corresponds to the exile (golus) and redemption (geulah).
    As it says In chapter 112 of Psalms (The Rebbe’s chapter) “Even in darkness, a light shines for the upright”  that even though we are in the darkest times of golus, G‑d will miraculously transform this into the brightest days of Geulah, and then (in chapter 113 the Rebbe’s new chapter) “All the nations in the world will recognize G‑d’s greatness”

May we merit this speedily in our days!
                                                            Wishing you a happy & Kosher Pesach!


Rabbi Isaac Levitansky 


Chabadnik 1975 ~ Miracles
This article was written by Rabbi Avrohom הלוי Levitansky ob”m

 The special portion read this week is known as “Parshas Hachodesh” (the portion regarding the month.) It is always read the Shabbos before or on the first day of  the Jewish month of Nissan.

In this portion G‑d tells Moshe that this month of Nissan is the first month of the months of the year.  In other words, although the month of Tishrei (when Rosh Hashanah occurs) is the first month for years, since G‑d created man on Rosh Hashana, however, since the Jewish people were redeemed from Egypt during Nissan, when Passover occurs, therefore it is given prominence of being counted as the first of the “months:”  The Torah states that Rosh Hashanah occurs in the “seventh month”- seven months from Nissan.

The month of Nissan means month of miracles.  It is the first month for the Jewish people, a basis for the Jewish nation.  It is said in the name of Ben Gurion that “on one who does not believe in miracles is not a realist.”

However, miracles don’t just happen.  When a Jew is willing to sacrifice himself,  he deserves and will receive a miracle.  We therefore read in the same portion that G‑d told the Jewish people to take a sheep and tie it to their bedpost for four days.  When an Egyptian would ask why such an unusual ceremony? The Jewish people would answer that they were going to slaughter the animal as a sacrifice to G‑d.

The goat and sheep were the gods of Egypt.  They were considered holy.  The Jews’ responsibility was to announce that it would be slaughtered.

We are living in a time where anyone who deals with Jewish people is put under pressure.  Arab boycotts appear against any country, company or person who happens to think highly of a Jew.

It is time when “to look for a miracle is a reality.”  And surely the miracle will come.  But first let us be strong in our convictions.  WE must realize that to bring our redemption we must slaughter the beliefs of our enemy.

OUR MONEY will go toward Torah Education not to a Las Vegas Casino.

OUR MONEY will go to help the needy, not for the luxury feasts of hierarchy.

And when the Jewish mothers and daughters kindle the candles before Friday night, our enemies will disappear as darkness before light.