Passover Schedule:

All services will take place at Chabad in S. Monica 1428 17TH ST. unless otherwise noted


Thursday, March 29            Search of Chometz         7:47 pm

Friday, Erev Pesach
March 30                 Shacharis                       7:00 am       Siyum for Fast of Firstborn to follow

                         Finish eating Chometz   10:46 am                                                                         Burn Chometz by           11:49 am   Available at Chabad
                                             Candle lighting             6:54 pm
                                              Mincha Maariv            7:00 pm
                                            1st Seder                        8:00 pm
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Shabbos, March 31 1st day of Pesach
                        Shacharis                      10:00 am           Kiddush & Mincha
                       Candle lighting              7:57 pm
Maariv                           8:00 pm
                        2nd Seder                      8:30 pm
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Sunday, April 1 2nd day of Pesach
                        Shacharis                  10:00 am         Kiddush & Mincha
                        Maariv                       8:15pm         followed by Havdalah

Mon-Thur April 2-5  Chol Hamoed
                        Shacharis                  7:00 am
                        Mincha Maariv         7:15 pm
                        Candle Lighting (Thu) 6:59 pm

Friday, April 6 7th day of Pesach
                        Shacharis                  10:00 am          Kiddush & Mincha

                        Candle lighting*      7:00 pm
                        Maariv                      7:40 pm

Shabbos, April 7 8th day of Pesach
                        Shacharis                  10:00 am  
                        Yizkor                        12:00 pm          Kiddush & Mincha
                        Moshiach’s Seudah     6:30 pm
                        Maariv                         8:15 pm     
Followed by Havdalah

        Sold Chometz should not be eaten until 9:15 pm.

* REMEMBER TO MAKE AN ERUV TAVSHILIN ON FRIDAY APRIL 6! Can be found in your Siddur. For more information and prayer check out this link.