Purim this year is February 25-26

Thursday, February 25—13 Adar
 Fast of Esther
Fast begins                              5:08 am
Shacharis                                 7:00 am
Mincha                                      5:25 pm
Fast Ends                     6:22 pm

Purim Eve
Maariv  6:20 pm
egillah reading Following Maariv
Break-fast To-Go

Friday, February 26-Purim Day—14 Adar
Shacharis6:30 am
Megillah reading7:00 am*
Second Megillah Reading 11:00 am
Candle Lighting 5:29pm
Mincha followed by Kabolas Shabbos 5:40 pm

Outdoor Shushan Purim Shabbos Dinner RSVP REQUIRED
Schedule for meal is dependent on the Covid mandates.




Listen to the Megillah

On Thursday night February 25 and again on Friday February 26 we listen to the story of Purim.  This story is called Megillas Esther (Scroll of Esther).  It is important to hear each word that is read.  When Haman’s name is mentioned we use ‘graggers’ (noisemakers) to drown out his evil name.

Send gifts of food
on Purim day Friday, February 26. On this victorious day for the Jewish people, we emphasize our unity by sending Shalach Manos to each other.  One must send at least two types of ready-to-eat kosher foods to at least one person.  It is also customary to send it through a third party.

Give gifts to the needy  on Purim day it is a special Mitzvah to give charity to those in need. 
Remember to give charity to at least two people.  It is preferable to give it directly to the persons in need.  If you can not find poor people you can place it in a charity box to be distributed at a later date.  Or you can send the donation to Chabad (using our return envelope)  clearly marking it for Matanos Levyonim and we will distribute it on Purim.


Eat the festive meal on Purim day.  It is time for family and friends to rejoice.  This year the festive meal of Purim should be eaten Friday  February 26. Since Purim is erev Shabbos this year, the meal should be started before midday.  We will be having a post Purim meal.

Other mitzvahs on Purim
The Fast of Esther. To remember the fast that Queen Esther proclaimed for all Jews, to be saved from Haman’s evil plan, we fast every year prior to Purim.  This year, the Fast of Esther coincides with February 25.  For times see schedule.

Machatzis Hashekel. It is a custom to give a half dollar coin to charity at Mincha on the Fast of Esther (some have the custom to give it before the Megillah reading).  This is done to commemorate the half shekel that was given by the Jews in the times of the Holy Temple.  Some have the custom to give three half dollar coins to charity (a total of $1.50).

Special Prayers.  On Purim we add ’Al Hanissim’  to the Amidah prayer, and to the Grace after Meals.