Chabad in S Monica offers a variety of classes from basic reading to advanced Chassidus.  We also offer one-on-one study sessions.  Please contact us or stop by to set one up. 

Below you will find a listing of the classes currently being offered at Chabad in S Monica:


(All Classes take place at Chabad unless otherwise noted)


Daf Yomi immediately after Shacharis


Living Torah - Weekly video of the Rebbe - 8:00 am

Women's Moshiach Class- Delve into a wealth of learning with Mrs. Leah Miriam Heidingsfeld - 5 pm

Shulchan Oruch - Laws of Shabbos. Following Maariv


Lunch N’ Learn at Rand Corp. 12 noon

Tanya - Winter - following Maariv, Summer - one hour before Mincha

Chassidic Insights, 8:00 pm-For Women (Call for location)


Gemorah textual learning. 7:00 pm



Women’s Circle  (monthly) 8:00 pm


Likutei Sichos on the weekly Torah portion  (after Maariv)

Tanya Class: 8:30 pm


The  Thirteen Principles of Faith: 5:00 pm at S. John’s Hospital


Chumash & Rashi with the Rebbe’s explanation  9:30 am