A Seder-in-a-Bag.

Mr. Boris Michalevitch, made the difficult trip to Shul on Chol Hamoed Pesach to personally thank us. With tears in his eyes he told us how surprised he was when a young boy knocked on his door on Erev Pesach with a package from the Rabbi and a personal message. The boy told him that the Rabbi wants him to be able to participate in the holiday of Pesach and therefore he sent this Seder-in-a-bag.

Boris unfortunately suffers from diabetes and sadly had to have his leg amputated. He kept repeating how touched he was that someone thought about his situation and cared enough to do something to help him celebrate Pesach.

In the past we were bothered by the amount of people who, like Boris Michalevitch would love to join the Seder but for various reasons are not able to. Most are afraid to leave their homes after dark because of ice covered streets and a lack of city lighting. Others live too far, are sick or home bound etc.

With your help, for the past two years we have been bringing the Seder to as many people as possible.

The Seder-in-a-bag consists of all the necessary products in order for one to fulfill the Mitzvos of the Seder at home.

Each professionally wrapped package contains the items for the Kaarah as well as Shmura Matza, candles, Maror, a bottle of grape juice with a cup the right size for Kiddush, and a concise pamphlet with step by step instructions of how to fulfill all the Mitzvos of the Seder.

This year again, in addition to the public Sedorim (in Sumy and the surrounding cities of Konotop, Gluchov and Shostka) our students club and other volunteers will be delivering these packages to hundreds of Jews before Yom Tov. Your support will help us bring the joy of Pesach to as many people as possible. Please click HERE to sponsor

Thank you,

Rabbi Yechiel S. & Rochi Levitansky

Chabad of Sumy Ukraine