Since it is prohibited to possess chametz on Passover, any chametz left undisposed must be sold to a non-Jew.
All such chametz, as well as all chametz utensils that were not thoroughly cleaned, should be stored away. The
storage area should be locked or taped shut for the duration of the holiday.

Since there are many legal intricacies involved in this sale, a rabbi acts as our agent both to sell the chametz to the non-Jew on the morning before Passover, and also to buy it back the evening after Passover ends.

To sell your chometz, if you will be in California on Erev Pesach March 30th, please copy the text below into an email message and fill in the blanks.  Email it to info@jewishsmonica.com or copy into a text document such as word, fill in the blanks and fax it to 815-572-9357 or bring it in person.
If you will be in another time zone please use
This link to sell it on the Chabad.org global site.

Certificate Authorizing the Sale of Chometz

(copy and paste into an email message or fill out by hand and fax/scan it in)


I (We)_____________________________

hereby authorize Rabbi Isaac Levitansky to sell all the chometz that may be in my (our) possession wherever it may be; at home, place of business, or elsewhere- in accordance with the requirements of Jewish Law as incorporated in the special contract for the sale of chometz.

Home Address___________________________________________________Apt_______


Business Address___________________________________________________



Must be received by April 6 , 2020 to:

Chabad, PO Box 1997, S. Monica, CA 90406                        
Fax: 815-572-9357  info@jewishsmonica.com



Food for the needy.

It is a custom in Jewish communities to collect funds to provide food for those less fortunate.  At Chabad House we provide meals to the needy, serve meals to many over the holiday, some who can not afford their own meal and provide Matzah and grape juice to the elderly.  Join the tradition of Maos Chittim through Chabad House.  make your donation online or send a check with your Sale of Chometz Form.