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National Events

National Events


 FEBRUARY 24- 26

International NYC Shabbaton

Explore the Big Apple and meet Jewish teens from around the world while enjoying spirited Shabbat meals and dynamic workshops.


 JUNE 23-26, 28 SIVAN-1 TAMMUZ 

Leadership Retreat 

Learn to take charge, work as a team, and bring your creativity to life.



 JULY 10-23, TAMMUZ 16-29

CTeen Xtreme Boys

Nothing says summer like CTeen Xtreme’s outdoor adventure program, packed with scenic hikes and thrilling trips!



 JULY 12-25, TAMMUZ 18-AV 2

CTeen Xtreme Girls

Venture the sights and thrills of 5 states in the American West!


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 JULY 12-25, TAMMUZ 18-AV 2

Heritage Quest

Explore the heart-stirring sites of Jewish trial and triumph on a quest to discover the indestructible spirit and strength of our people.




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